The next generation way to pay by check.

e2checks are printable checks you send via email. They do everything a paper check does EXCEPT quicker, easier and more cost effectively. And all you need is an email address.

Save time.

e2checks take seconds, not days, to create and deliver. Mailed checks, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments can’t do that. Which leaves more time for business crucial projects.

Safe & secure.

No need to store payee’s financial information — all you need is an email address. Your financial information is safely stored in an encrypted database and the e2check is stored on a separate server and accessed via a password-protected link.

Scalable to your business needs.

Whether you mail five checks a month or 50,000 checks a day, e2check can quickly meet your needs and streamline your payment process. What used to take days will take minutes.

e2check. Simplified check payments.

  1. Log into e2check, enter check information and press send. Your payment is delivered instantly.
  2. Payee clicks on secure link in email and retrieves e2check.
  3. Payee prints the e2check. It looks like a traditional paper check.
  4. Payee deposits or cashes the e2check at any bank.

e2check means business.

From conserving resources and people hours to saving time and money, there is a world of advantages to e2checks.

  • Go green

    e2check is the green choice reducing paper, ink and waste. Going green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line.

  • Save money

    Individual e2checks are priced at just 50¢. Please contact for bulk, volume pricing.

  • Use with confidence

    E2checks are protected by bank-level, industry-leading security. Your financial information is stored on a separate server.

  • Control cash flow

    Pay early or at the last second. e2check aligns with your company’s need to control cash outflow.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Say goodbye to time-consuming signing, stuffing and mailing of paper checks. Say hello to efficient, fast check payments.

  • Enjoy complete mobility

    Securely send e2checks from any device, anywhere. Simply download the e2check Mobile app for iPhone© or Android™, e2check is as flexible as your business.

  • Provide a better customer experience

    You’ll make payees happier by making payments faster and easier to access. That also means less time tracking payments and answering inquiries.

  • Knowledge is power

    Know where your cash is with e2check digital payment history. You’ll easily track, schedule and record all payments.


Start saving on emailed check payments. Sign up for e2check now.